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Do you have problem with shipping order service system? Contact technical service.

Telefon alarmowy: 112
Zgłoszenie dotyczące zdarzeń transportowych:
Dyspozytor GA S.A. (Tarnów):
+48(14) 6932100

Dyspozytor GA Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A.: +48(77) 4843401
Dyspozytor GA Zakłady Chemiczne „Police” S.A: +48(91) 3171616

1. Registration in the system involves displaying the "Rejestracja" (Registration) tab and writing basic details of the company. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that all fields are obligatory. Should you fail to complete any of them, your registration in the system will be impossible. Please write the email address and the password selected for yourself in "Informacje o firmie" (Company Details) section and press WYŚLIJ (SEND). You will receive, to your email address, a message that you can now log into the system.

Information about calls for tenders and auctions will be sent to your contact person’s e-mail address.

2. After logging into the system, you will be informed about an opportunity to participate in a tender or electronic auction. These are two forms of submitting bids.

  • A call for tenders means a method of submitting a price offer that later on will be compared with offers submitted by other bidders. Our company employees will inform you about the results of the tender and selected bidders.
  • An electronic auction means a bidding which takes place on-line. You will be informed about the final selection of service providers by the system immediately after the completion of the bidding.

3. Before entering into the part of the system that allows you to submit bids or participate in an auction, please familiarize yourself with the regulations on participation and the enclosed documents. . We also ask all who have participated in previous tenders or auctions to familiarize themselves carefully with the rules presented on the website due to possible modification of the conditions of participation.

4. Detailed instruction on how to operate the system for “Konkurs ofert” (Call for Tenders) or "Aukcje elektroniczne” (Electronic Auctions)can be found in the "Instrukcja" (Instruction) tab.

The carrier’s instruction on how to use the SOOT application can be also downloaded at here.
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